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Why Carlos Alcaraz Is So Special?

Carlos Alcaraz is considered one of the most talented youngsters out there for the right reasons. Carlos is a blend of hard work and talent.

The young Spanish sensation has been on fire ever since people started to notice him after his fiery match against Stefanos Tsitsipas, wherein he stunned the Greek star over a five-set thriller. Carlos, who just turned 19 recently has one of the most complete games for a person of his age.

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He has an astute on-court presence coupled with a solid dedication to winning. Drawing a good amount of confidence and momentum from his Barcelona Open title win, he is looking to leave a mark in the ongoing Madrid Open. 

Why is Carlos Alcaraz this good?

The first aspect of every tennis player is his weaknesses. And surprisingly Carlos seems to have none. The most important skill in a tennis player is the ability to hold a solid serve.

Holding a service is essential in winning matches. All the tennis greats such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and even Andy Murray are considered the best returners.

However, when we look at Carlos, he has already set a good reputation for being a solid returner. If we look at the numbers released by ATP, Carlos is easily one of the best players when we consider stats on breaking serves from a specific point.

If we look at this skill of his from a particular match perspective, during his match against Tsitsipas in the Miami Open he broke the Greek player’s serve on four different occasions.

We also need to consider that Stefanos is a very aggressive server. Alcaraz is clearly an aggressive player with a strong net game as well. His finesse with the racket and his hand skills have been a huge headache for his opponents.

In this current generation of tennis players, who generally are very stubborn to move an inch from the back of the court, it is nice to see a player move forward and handle the tennis ball with ease. 

Carlos- The big game player

Alongside skills and hard work, a major aspect of the game depends on the player’s mentality and temperament as well.

The way he carries and behaves on the tennis court is much to be applauded and looked upon even by some of the senior players.

 In this particular aspect, he is extremely similar to Rafael Nadal. He stays in the moment and has a never die attitude while playing the sport.              

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