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Why Does Deontay Wilder Calls Himself “The Bronze Bomber”



Deontay Wilder is undoubtedly one of the best heavyweight boxers in the world. The American boxer is a former WBC world heavyweight champion who has held the belt for five years. In addition to the above fact, Wilder has a brilliant professional record of 42 wins out of 44 fights.

Interestingly, Deontay Wilder has claimed 41 out of his wins via knockout which makes him the most ruthless boxer in the history of the sport. Apart from his deadly right hand, Wilder is recognized for various other reasons. One of those reasons is his extraordinary walkout outfits. Besides his quirky costumes and showmanship, the former heavyweight champion also has a unique moniker.

Wilder is also known as the Bronze Bomber and several fans call him by this moniker. However, some might wonder as to why is the former champion’s nickname The Bronze Bomber. So moving forward let us try to understand the meaning and story behind Deontay’s unique moniker. 

The Story behind the unique nickname of Deontay Wilder – The Bronze Bomber

Deontay Wilder’s nickname The Bronzebomber dates back to the time when he was at the initial stages of his boxing career. The 35-year-old took inspiration from his hometown hero Joe Louis who was at the pinnacle of the heavyweight division for over a decade. Moreover, Deontay Wilder idolises Joe as he was one of the reasons why he started boxing.

Deontay Wilder

As a result, Wilder partly adapted Joe Louis’ moniker and gave his spin to it. The moniker of Louis is the Brown Bomber and he was known by this name by most fight fans. Consequently, the former WBC world heavyweight champion adapted this name and turned it into The Bronze Bomber.

He coined this nickname to honor his bronze medal victory in the 2008 Olympics which took place in Beijing. Ever since that time Wilder is widely known by fans as The Bronze Bomber. This name suits Deontay perfectly as the American boxer is deadly in the ring. Moreover, his destructive power is a good example why fans call him by this nickname.

Subsequently, after achieving great success in the sport, Wilder earned a significant number of fans across the globe. Therefore the former WBC champion decided to label his fanbase as The Bomb Disposal Squad or The Bombzquad. Wilder also has his own clothing apparel named the Bombzquad where his fans can buy T-shirts, Hoodies and other things.

Therefore The Bronze Bomber will need all the support from his loving Bomb Disposal Squad to earn redemption for his previous loss against Tyson Fury as he faces him for the third time in his career this weekend.