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Major WWE Superstar Goes Missing After SmackDown

Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch are engaged in a heated rivalry with the New Day. Butch competed against Xavier Woods and lost for the second time after a surprise roll-up on the last episode of SmackDown. After the match, Butch exited the ring furiously in frustration. He left the arena through the crowd and attacked a security guard on his way.

Xavier Woods defeated Butch on SmackDown

Butch took on Xavier Woods for the second consecutive week on SmackDown. But he was unable to secure the win after the New Day member surprised him with a small package maneuver. Xavier Woods uses this move as his new finisher and has named it the ‘Backwoods.’ Butch has not won a match since his call-up to the main roster. Woods appeared to be laughing at the young superstar after his win.

The New Day appeared on Talking Smack and discussed Butch’s temper tantrums and difficulty following the rules that cost him the match. They acknowledged that the former Bruiserweight is an impressive in-ring talent.

WWE Tweets about Butch’s disappearance on SmackDown

Butch’s frustration was there to see after he lost the match. Sheamus and Ridge Holland tried to cool him down. But Butch furiously marched out of the ring and jumped over the security barricade. He assaulted a member of the security before disappearing among the crowd. WWE posted on social media about Butch’s disappearance.

It is the second time that Sheamus and Holland have been unable to control Butch. They looked for the 28-year-old wrestler but were unable to find him. WWE has received mixed reactions to Pete Dunne becoming Butch, but the character has shown some potential in the past few weeks on SmackDown. It’ll be interesting to see what WWE has in store for Butch in the future. He had been a prominent superstar on NXT for five years, but his main roster call-up hasn’t sparked yet.

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