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Randy Orton Won’t Retire From WWE Before He Turns 50

Randy Orton is a veteran in WWE. He is a 14-Time World Champion and a GrandSlam champion. The 3rd generation superstar has been loyal to the company ever since his debut in 2002. Being 41-years old, Orton is still one of the top and most active superstars in the company. Orton still wants to do a lot more in the business with possibly only a little time left in his career. When talking to ‘The Ringer Wrestling Show‘ Orton’s retirement came up and Orton said that he has a lot left in him 

Randy Orton’s accolades

Debuting in 2002, Orton has almost won every title there is in the company. The first title that Orton held was the Intercontinental title. Orton held onto the title for over 200 days. After he dropped the work-horse title, Orton shifted his focus to the top title. In 2003, Orton won the World Heavyweight title by defeating Chris Benoit. Orton became the youngest superstar to hold on to the World Title. Previously the record was held by Brock Lesnar. To this day, Orton’s record has not been beaten by any other male superstar. Orton has won the World Title a total of 14 times. The Viper has also won the Tag team titles and the United States title on a number of occasions. The only 2 titles that Orton has not yet captured are the 24/7 title and the Universal championship. 

The Viper also holds several records in the Royal Rumble. He has won 2 Rumble matches so far and not only that but Orton also holds the record for the longest cumulative time in Royal Rumble matches by a current member of the roster. The Viper also performed in a few movies. 

Randy Orton’s retirement plans

The Viper had a fun and open conversation on ‘The Ringer Wrestling Show‘. Orton talked about his character changes, his new found love for cutting impactful promos, his family and many more. 

Randy revealed that he wishes to retire when he is 50 years old. That gives him 9 more years in the company. Orton is currently part of the team RK-Bro along with Riddle. Team RK-Bro is one of the best things in WWE currently. 

The 14-Time World Champion carried Monday Night Raw on his back during the ‘ThunderDome Era‘. The Viper portrayed a very vicious heel, taking out the legends like Christian, Ric Flair, Big Show, Mark Henry and even his former best friend Edge. The Viper resurrected the ‘Legend-Killer‘ in him. 

Now being part of RK-Bro, Orton is portraying a totally different side of him. This shows that the Viper still has a lot more unique stuff to show the WWE Universe. If he has 9 years left, then we are going to see a plethora of new versions of the Viper, Randy Orton. 

Do you think Orton still has 9 years left in him? What are your best Randy Orton moments? Let us know.  

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