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Video: Randy Orton Goes on an RKO Spree on His 20-Year WWE Anniversary

WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Randy Orton celebrated his 20th Anniversary in WWE on Monday Night RAW and hit 5 RKOs in one night. RK-Bro teamed up with Cody Rhodes and Ezekiel in an 8-man tag team match against The Usos, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins for the main event.

RAW kicks off with Randy Orton’s 20-year celebration

This week’s RAW started with a segment to celebrate Randy Orton’s unforgettable 20 years in the industry. WWE ran a video montage that featured his career highlights and achievements. Orton proceeded to deliver a promo, after which things got heated.

Cody Rhodes came out to congratulate his former Legacy stablemate, but Rollins interrupted their moment of embrace as he warned the Viper not to trust the American Nightmare. Subsequent interruptions by Ezekiel, Kevin Owens, and the Usos prompted WWE Official Adam Pearce to come out and book an 8-man tag team match for the main event.

After the match was made official, Kevin Owens took a cheap shot at Ezekiel, following which The Viper hit him with the first RKO of the night.

Randy Orton goes on an RKO spree in the main event

The main event started with the superstars starting to brawl before the bell rang. The Viper led his team to victory in the main event of RAW. Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and the Usos received an RKO each from Orton after assists from his tag team partners. Jey Uso was the last to receive the RKO, following which Orton pinned him to seal the win. 

Orton appeared in a backstage interview after RAW went off the air. He spoke about how important the 20-year milestone meant to him, and the fact that the celebration took place in Knoxville made it better since Orton was born there. Orton has assured the WWE fans that he has no plans of stopping even after achieving such an incredible feat in his career.

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