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5 Ways Edge Is Trying to Copy The Undertaker

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has introduced a new ‘dark’ gimmick with similar traits to The Undertaker. The new character first took shape during Edge’s feud with the Phenomenal AJ Styles before their match at WrestleMania 38. He is now the leader of the “Judgement Day” stable, alongside former United States Champion Damian Priest. Let us take a look at five ways Edge is trying to copy The Undertaker. 

1. Edge has a similar attire to that of The Undertaker

Since introducing the Judge character, Edge has undergone some attire changes. He turned to a black-colored ring gear during WrestleMania 38. Edge wore a leather jacket during his entrance which looked similar to The Undertaker’s attire during the 90s and sporadically wore it during pay-per-views. He had the Undertaker’s present-day fire and purple color theme mixed with small bits from his Brood days.

The Undertaker and Edge
The Undertaker and Edge.

2. A gothic look and a purple theme

Edge has turned from a Rated-R Superstar to a gothic-themed character that resembles The Undertaker’s gimmick. The gimmick change came with the addition of a purple lighting effect during his promos. Many people believed the character was an inspiration from the House of Black (AEW). But the purple theme is synonymous with the Undertaker, which he adopted during the 2000s and used till he retired in 2022.

3. ‘Judgment Day’ is a rip-off from the ‘Ministry of Darkness’

Edge’s new faction, Judgement Day, is a slight rip-off from the Ministry of Darkness. Edge describes being the benchmark of WWE talent. In addition to that, Edge also referred to himself as the judge sitting at the ‘mountain of omnipotence.’

WWE did something similar during the late 90s with the Undertaker serving as the leader of the Ministry of Darkness. The group had a similar touch to Edge’s faction, but it was themed around satanic practices and sacrifices. Edge addressed that people were comparing his new character to The Undertaker.

He appeared in a promo segment in the latest episode of RAW and said,” You say things to me like, ‘hey, why are you wearing suits now and saying all these big, new fangled words and use the purple light? That’s The Undertaker. It’s blasphemy.'” It was in response to the fans who believe Edge ripped off The Undertaker.

4. Signature poses and mannerisms

When Edge walked down the ramp during his entrance at WrestleMania 38, he took his time to get to the ring, just like The Undertaker. In addition to this, Edge celebrated his victory with Damian Priest as they embraced each other in the ring, dropping down to one knee. It was identical to Undertaker’s signature pose, which he performed after winning a match.

Edge has adopted The Undertaker's signature pose.
Edge has adopted The Undertaker’s signature pose.

5. Appearing out of nowhere is very symbolic of both The Undertaker and now Edge

The Undertaker was famously known for his appearing and disappearing act. When the gong hit, lights would go out. It would later come back on with The Undertaker standing in the ring. Edge and his faction have adopted a similar trait. In a recent episode of RAW, AJ Styles appeared in a backstage interview. The lights went off and turned back on. Edge and Damian Priest appeared out of nowhere to attack the Styles. WWE has tried the ‘appearing and disappearing’ act with other superstars, such as The Fiend Bray Wyatt. But, it has always been associated with The Undertaker.

Edge’s new gimmick has received mixed responses from fans and critics alike. But it does not look like he’ll carry this gimmick alone. Rumors have speculated that new superstars will join his stable, Judgement Day, with Damian Priest already joining hands with Edge at WrestleMania 38. Let us know what you think of Edge’s new character. 

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