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WWE RAW Results: The Good, Bad, & Ugly: Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes Reunite, Becky Lynch Has a New Look, and Bianca Belair’s New Rivalry

Monday Night Raw turned out to be quite an exciting show. We saw the return of three superstars which was tentative. Today’s show was all about celebrations, victories, and returns! The show had all the elements the good, bad, and the ugly.


The Good: Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton reunite

In today’s edition of RAW, we saw a very wholesome reunion of two ace superstars Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes. 

Cody Rhodes came out on the stage to congratulate the Viper on his 20th WWE anniversary during the opening segment of this week’s RAW.

Riddle pitched Rhodes as a second-generation Superstar who used to be buddies with Orton during their time in The Legacy faction.

“He looks up to you like a locker room leader,” Riddle told Orton “And he tells me that you guys were once friends.”

After that, Orton and Rhodes hugged until Seth Rollins accused The American Nightmare of stealing Orton’s thunder.

Orton & Rhodes hugging each other
Image Courtesy – WWE

As a result, WWE official Adam Pearce announced an 8-Man Tag Team Match between Rhodes, RK-Bro, and Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens, Rollins, and The Usos as the main event.

Rhodes hit a Disaster Kick on Rollins near the end of the main event, which was followed by Orton hitting the RKO.


The Bad: Becky Lynch returns but gets a surprise

The former champion Becky Lynch returned to RAW today and said she has forgotten what it’s like to be a champion. 

Till the time she could move ahead talk some more Asuka makes her entry on the stage. Becky looks shocked to see.

Asuka steps inside the ring saying she will be the one to stop Big Big Time Becks. Lynch attempted to attack her, but Asuka dodged the blow, and Lynch retreated backstage as RAW continued.

The Ugly: Things become ugly between Bianca Belair and Sonya Deville 

The match started with Bianca being in full control. She even ended up counting out Deville but then Deville grabs the mic and declares that the match would be restarted but as a no count-out match.


The match was restarted but Sonya then got herself disqualified for hitting the champion with a steel chair. Sonya Deville got on the mic again and restarted the bout once more, this time making it a no DQ match. 

Before Deville sent the champion into the turnbuckles in the corner, Zelina Vega and Carmella rushed the ring and attacked Bianca Belair, knocking her out.

Before attempting to send Belair through the steel chair in the ring, she got a DDT on top of it.

Belair fought his way out of the move, defeating Carmella and Vega before securing the victory with the KOD on Deville. Sonya tried everything from her books but she still couldn’t win the title.


While Randy Orton celebrated his 20th anniversary in WWE, we got the much-anticipated comeback of Asuka.

The fight between Sonya and Bianca became ugly what do you think will happen next week let us know by dropping your comments below!

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