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When Is Lacey Evans Making Her WWE In-Ring Return?

Lacey Evans hasn’t wrestled since February 2021 after she took maternity leave. She has appeared on several pre-recorded videos building her as a babyface, so we will see her inside the ring real soon. WWE has used her real-life incidents for her new persona.

Details on Lacey Evans’ in-ring return

Last week’s SmackDown saw the return of Lacey Evans after weeks of WWE airing vignettes on her new persona where she talked about the history and struggles of her life. Evans didn’t compete on her return.

She came out to greet the audience and interact with the fans. She climbed up the security barricade as the fans gave Evans a warm reception. The segment was brief as the fans showed how much they loved to have her back on the show. 

WWE’s plans for Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans had clearly stated her desire to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship in the vignettes WWE aired for over a month. It can mean that Evans would be feuding with Ronda Rousey. With Charlotte Flair ruled out of television due to an injury, Rousey could be a big opponent for the returning superstar. 

It could also look strange with two babyfaces competing for the title. Evans could turn heel even after all the promos building her as a survivor of a difficult childhood. WWE has done it before, and they may not be afraid to do it again.

Evans may not be put in the championship scene right away. WWE commentator Michael Cole talked about how Raquel Rodriguez could be a Superstar who might grab Evans’ attention. WWE may put her in a feud with the newest member of the SmackDown women’s division. What do you think? Drop your comments below.

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