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Are the Console Wars Finally Over? PS Controllers Compatible With Xbox Gaming Cloud



So, it appears that the console wars are finished. PlayStation controllers will be compatible with the Xbox’s cloud-based gaming service, according to a social media post from Xbox Game Pass. So it is time to settle down now as the war is finally over.

The most recent tweet from Xbox depicts a child or teen, whatever you assume, playing Sea of Thieves, a PlayStation exclusive, on a tablet with a DualShock 4 controller. That is it; it is one of the most significant hints we believe Xbox can ever provide. Sony’s gamepads work with Xbox-branded systems.

On June 7, the Game Pass Twitter account posted a message regarding the image, along with a poem. The image depicts a teen, as previously said, playing Sea of Thieves on Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

The controller in this image is a DualShock 4 model. There are no fuzzy pixels at precisely the proper spot, thus the entire thing is visible. The “PS” branding on the button beneath the built-in speaker of the DualShock 4 is clearly visible. This demonstrates that Sony’s gamepad is compatible with Xbox’s cloud services.

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Through this tweet or post, Xbox has reminded us of a very essential message that many gamers have attempted to convey: games are far more enjoyable and fun when played together. Accept it or not, this is one of the most accurate statements made by anyone in the esports scene.

It’s not so much surprising that you can use a PlayStation controller to play Game Pass titles via xCloud; the better part is has been possible since the online services has been introduced. It is that Game Pass is emphasizing it as a benefit in the first place. Although Xbox prefers that you utilize an Xbox controller, you are free to use any device you have on hand.

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